Surface Types & Finishing

The Mixture of Unique Patterns,
Shown by Peculiar Textures
Mate Finishing Surfaces

An extraordinary fine texture, surface, that distinguishes with perfect matt. The touch to the stone evokes a sense of velvet, whereat the attention is coming back towards the amazing look. This texture, beside the doubtless aesthetical values, retains the faultless surface look, whatever side you look to it.

Polished Finishing Surfaces

The crystal shine and an absolute reflectiveness - the polished surface of Dekton possesses dazzling features. XGloss permits spotless, sleek surface, that mirrors brilliant each object or movement. The options for perfectly polished Dekton vary from monochromatic, neutral tints to breath-taking natural patterns.

Textured Surfaces

The texture, that quite distinctly structures the surface, in search of the best manifestation of the certain design. From straight lined surfaces, imitating woody flader, to such with untraceable, shapeless bumps, that emphasize the natural look of The Natural Collection colours.

Anti-Slip Treatment

The use of anti-slip grip technology gives the material a greater level of safety, preventing possible accidents in areas of regular use, especially in those where water is involved as the indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor and indoor floorings, bathrooms and ect.